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Welcome to Dem LOLs. This website is the home for all of the great short films and sketches for Dem LOLs.
I dont really do it to make money or get populor. But of course Im not gonna lie. Its pretty awesome getting lots of views. Anyone being 100% truthful would say the same thing. I do it for the LOL's. I love doing it and I love making my family laugh with my jokes. So I decided to make a Comedy channel. I do a video every monday on youtube and sometimes even upload the video a day before on the website. The Website also has lots of behind the scenes and other stuff like that which you will not be able to see on Youtube. I also have a myspace page where you can see me post stuff and my facebook page where i post awesome memes

Dem LOLs Video Approval of the Week. (Oct 19)

Angry Super Mario.

This video is just seriously one of the most hilarious videos you will ever see. I have seen this short movie about 90 times but, It is still hilarious. It has alot of swearing but its the internet...So who cares really.

Comedy Rate: 8.5/10

Animation Rate: 7/10

Overall Rate: 9/10

Btw: Just to clerify, this is the approval of the week. its not my video. Enjoy it tho.

Most Recent video -FRED`s Comeback


So.. I have been sort of trying to study viral youtubers. FRED is deffinetly one of them. Everyone flaked on my video i was supposed to do last miunite...So I had to create this Sucker.