All of the DemLOLs Videos

Fred`s Comeback

So.. I have been sort of trying to study viral youtubers. FRED is deffinetly one of them. Everyone flaked on my video i was supposed to do last miunite...So I had to create this Sucker.

(Its pretty just much me trying to be FRED and doing a parody)

Pokèmon Theme Song Muisc Video 

So stuff and stuff happened and this popped out.

The Amazing Treasure - Dem LOLs

So this video was mainly for a sort of preview for the yearly Episode of COLE VS ELOC. Where I battle my first and most evil clone.

The Video was really difficult to be funny, But since its Dem LOLs I got a few sort of funny things in the video.

Sh*t Gamers Say - Dem LOLs

In this video i re-act what most gamers do when they are gaming. Enjoy, next weeks video will include me as a woman. guys in ski-masks and video games.

How To Drink Water? - Dem Lols

So, One of my Clones forgot how to Drink water.

Since I only have about 20 of my Clones Left I made a video on how to drink water.